All products on PARTITION-MAGIC-SERVER.COM are from Chongqing NIUBI Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing NIUBI Technology Co., Ltd is an up-and-coming provider of innovative hard disk partition management for home and business users all over the world. We have started to research in the field since 2009 and enjoyed great prestige. Our mission is to optimize system and optimize life by developing easy-to-use and reliable software continuously and turn the world’s top technologies into cost-effective solutions to let users benefit from it.

We provide high quality software services to customers all around the globe, like USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Singapore, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, etc. We have a big team of professional technicians on file systems, backup restore and partition management who do research and development continuously to provide excellent software for our customers including enterprises, colleges, government sectors, institutions, IT agent, personal users, commercial users, etc.

NIUBI Partition Editor has become one of the best brands in disk & partition management field. We are enthusiastic in our daily work for providing the best software for clients and we believe we can work miracles.

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