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I just wanted to leave you guys a testimonial for your Server Partition Software.

We have a small business in Sydney Australia and our C Drive was full. We had 5 computer technicians tell us that we cannot resize the partiton and that we would have to buy another server and reload all the software at a cost of more than $10,000 AUD.

Within 30 minutes of using your program the problem was fixed and we now have a server that will last another 3 years.

Anthony Rosier

Resize system partiton on Win2000 Adv Server
I used the software this morning on a windows 2000 advanced server. It worked great, solved my problem only in about five minutes. I resized a 320GB drive, that was divide into a C: drive 20Gb and D: drive 300Gb. I made D: sized down to 200GB and increase the C: drive with the new free space of 100Gb, the program worked great...
thank you for your product!

Great tool, it helped me exactly there where windows completely let me down:
- repartitioning; especially making free a realistic amount of space on C:\ for other partitions - as opposed to windows disk manager
- converting dynamic volumes back into basic volumes. Especially this one deserves great respect.
Following the microsoft recommended procedure is extremely cumbersome, while with your tool this is a matter of a few minutes.
Repartitioning is always surrounded by a lot of mystery and fear for the unknown. It is almost unbelievable how easy this process is.


I just had to drop a line and say that I have been searching for hours for a solution to a partition format problem on an external harddrive. Found your site, tried your partition manager and it worked in literally 4 SECONDS!!!!! Awesome work. Kudos to your company and development team. I know where I will be coming for my data management needs.

Thank you very much.

Rod Olsen

I do not know who to contact so would be obliged if you could forward this to the appropiate section, please. I was having trouble resizing my primary drive as it and the data had been compressed but your product did the job with no trouble at all and I even got support without purchasing your product. Although I will probably never use it again and as I am a pensioner on limited income, I do feel that I should purchase at least a basic program in appreciation for the peace of mind you have given me. I do thank you again for an excellent product.



Dear Sir

New laptop within secconds partitioned. Old desktop with many many data: Within minutes partitioned, all data perfectly moved - although I missed to select them before applying so that 14 instead of finally 4 had been performed. This program is simply great (and I know what I am talking about after several trials with other programs INCLUDING Acronis.

Thanks a lot.

With best regards, Wolfhard

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