Partition Magic Server for Windows 2008 Server R2

System C drive of your Windows 2008 Server R2 running out of space? Need Partition Magic for Windows 2008 Server R2 to extend the system partition fast and without data loss? This page is what you are looking for. Short Introduction of … Read More

partition magic for windows 2008 server

Windows Server 2008 has been released for such a long time and many companies have upgraded to this version. Though Windows Server 2008 provides many new features, it still has some disadvantages: After running Windows Server 2008 for a period … Read More

partition magic server 2003

Partition Magic is the first and most famous Server partitioning software to resize partition without losing data, so when system C drive running out of space and Server 2003 Low Disk Space warning pops up, many people search Partition Magic Server 2003 by Google. Actually, there is no Partition … Read More