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Partition Magic software for Windows 2003 Server

Looking for Partition Magic Windows 2003? Now you can get the answer here.
In fact, there is no Partition Magic Server Edition, but fortunately, there are Partition Magic alternatives for Windows Server 2003, 2000 and 2008, for example, Acronis Disk Director Server, Partition Assistant Server. These Partition Magic Windows 2003 works the same as Partition Magic, you can resize partition, merge partitions, and extend partition without losing data.

Partition Magic Windows 2003

As there are many Partition Magic alternatives for Windows 2003 Server, then how to choose the best one that is suite to you?

Factors you must consider when choosing Partition Magic Windows 2003

1. Security – there is risk to resize partitions, no one wants to lose data or rebuild the Server after resizing.
2. Efficiency – the faster the better, no one wants to wait several hours.
3. Easy to use
4. Features – It is not a good idea to purchase a tool that only help you resize partition once, it should contain more disk maintenance features.
5. Price – why not purchase a cheaper tool if it works for you and do the same thing?
You may refer to the comparison of these Partition Magic Windows 2003.

Here, I want to recommend Partition Assistant Server Edition to you, the unique features of this Partition Magic Windows 2003 includes:
Hot Resize, if the partition is NTFS, you can extend the Windows Server partition without rebooting computer to avoid downtime.
Enhanced Data Protection, even if power off or hardware problem occurred when you resize partitions, no data will loss if you reboot the computer, no other Server partition software has this ability.

Of course, beside these unique features, Partition Assistant Server has other powerful and useful features for you to improve your computer performance, for more about this, please refer Partition Wizard Server benefits and features.

How to resize partitions with Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server?

Step 1: launch Partition Assistant Server, you'll see all disks and partitions that connected to your 2003 Server. Right-click the data partition partition that behind the C drive and select "Resize".

Resize windows 2003

In the pop up window, drag the left border rightwards to shrink this partition.

Shrink data partition

After step 1, there will be Unallocated space created behind the system partition.

Unallocated space created

Step 2: Right-click the system partition and select "Resize". In the pop up window, drag the right borde rightwards to hold the Unallocated space.

Extend system drive

Now the space shrank from a data partition bas been added to the system partition, click "Apply" to proceed.

Partition resized

Try this Partition Magic Windows 2003 Server freely now

You can also download the Demo version to check how it works for your Windows server partitions.

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